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Directing Projects

Baby: The Musical

The musical Baby was Natalie's capstone directing project as part of her MFA in Musical Theatre. Natalie's requirement was to present a 30-minute, edited and cohesive version of the musical, cast with undergraduate and graduate actors. She chose this show not only because of her lived experience as a mother, but she felt deeply connected to the material as she was working on her graduate thesis which focused on research of mother actors around the world. Natalie's final presentation of this musical edited not only the script but the cast as well--she presented the show with a mainly all female presenting cast despite one male presenting actor who represented all male presenting characters in the story. The final product aimed to represent a story about mothers and the struggles they face, no matter what decade of life they are mothering in. 

Actors in this production: Lindsey Grant, Sophia Perez, Isabel Wirtz, & JJ Eccles

"Sing Happy" from Flora: The Red Menace

Featuring: Kylie Stucki & Danny Holmes

Directed by: Natalie McClure

"Love is My Legs" from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Featuring: Abigail Maurer & Milo Mee

Directed by: Natalie McClure

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